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Cover art ©2005 Jennifer Edwards, Magnify Music

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Darrell Edwards, aka DJ Rain, releases a slice of deep and jazzy house with a guest appearance by Audiomore. Opening with ‘See How It Sounds’ you are instantly treated to a slice of smoulder sax and delightful piano work. The jazzy, deconstructed rhythm allows the musical instruments to explore the sound shapes, and wrap you up in their stunning nature. Mellow, laid back, smooth music for a late night or early morning chill. ‘Immanuel’s Reign’ is again a very cool tune, with a moody guitar and distant female vocals enticing you into the sound. The melody is relaxed and once again just a stunning listen. ‘Never Going Back’ written and produced by Audiomore, is a more electro jazz track. Using filtered chords and a loop-tinkling hook to create the softer edges of a slightly jagged track. The ‘See How It Sounds Reprise’ is more beat driven than the original version, but maintains the excellence with stronger vocals and more definition to the elements.





title: urban excursions vol. 1 part 2 (EP)
catalog #: MMR-002
release date: 06.05
artists: dj rain, audiomoe

A1. See How It Sounds (Piano Remix) ,  written and produced by DJ Rain
A2. Immanuel's Reign,  written and produced by DJ Rain
B1: Never Going Back,   written and produced by Audiomoe
B2: See How It Sounds (Reprise) "Ode to Mark", Solid State Saints Remix (Arranged by DJ Rain) Engineered by DJ Rain and Jerry Andrews
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A1. See How It Sounds (Piano Remix): . Former Pat Metheny Group trumpeter and vocalist,Mark Ledford, graces us with his skills as piano genius David Vasquez lays down the keys in this funky, layered piece. Strategically arranged by DJ Rain and Jerry Andrews, this tapestry of sounds captures the best of Latin, funk, jazz and dance music with an improvisational twist. TomDunne adds contagious percussive beats and urges listeners to “See How It Sounds.”

A2. Immanuel’s Reign: Rain adds flavor to your journey in this emotive, midtempo number. A crescendo of strings combines with emanating keys, a sultry bass by Jerry Andrews, and the soothing vocals of Dee Gilbert. Named after Rain’s son, Immanuel, seek and ye shall find the deeper meaning in “Immanuel’s Reign.”

 B1. Never Going Back (Extended Mix):Audiomoe makes a guest appearance on this Extended Mix of “Never Going Back.” Detroit meets Germany in this eclectic gem with luscious, spacey keys and dirty electric guitars. Forget the streets and enter the subway in this melodic, techy masterpiece.

 B2: See How It Sounds-Reprise (Ode to Mark): Engineers Jerry Andrews & DJ Rain appear as the remixing duo Solid State Saints—taking us on a moody, compelling journey filled with guitars, trombone, more live percussion and a tapestry of keyboard genius by David Vasquez. Dedicated to the late Mark Ledford, this reprise to “See How it Sounds” will leave you with a message of hope, understanding and a groove to match.

Distributed worldwide through Groove Distribution, KSD Music, Syntax Distribution, Downtown 161