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Review for "The Black Liquid EP:"

Magnify Music will return in January with another great EP of high quality music. Side A starts up with "Turn It Up," a great soulful track that features Amy Keyes on vocals, "Reminisce" features Ashley Ingram on guitar and is a sophisticated and comfortable track with a catchy melody. On the B side, "What's Inside," (Solid State Saints Summer Sax remix) is a soft musical ride with synthesizers, sax and keyboards work, while "Broken Jazz" that closes the EP is an interesting track that puts together jazz and electronic elements."

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title: the black liquid ep
catalog #: MMR-003
release date: Late January, 2006
artists: black liquid, dj rain, jerry andrews

A1. Turn it Up,  written and produced by Ike "Black Liquid" Ngwaba
A2. Reminisce ,  written and produced by Ike "Black Liquid" Ngwaba
B1: What's Inside (Solid State Saints RMX) ,   written and produced by Ike "Black Liquid" Ngwaba
B2: Brpken Jazz , written and produced by Ike "Black Liquid" Ngwaba
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A1. Turn It Up: Opening this diverse EP, “Turn It Up” features the commanding punch of Amy Keyes’ vocals. Surrounded by a playful keyboard groove, funky bass and club-bound synchronistic percussion, “Turn It Up” is sure to be a dance floor anthem! A true crowd pleaser and a must for the dj bag.

A2. Reminisce: Featuring Ashley Ingram on guitars and keys, this infectious cut is bound to bring to your remembrance all things good. With a catchy melody and skillful musicianship, this track is sure to set a comfortable vibe whether you are on the dance floor or lounging with martini in hand.

 B1. What’s Inside ( Solid State Saints Summer Sax Remix): Sit back and enjoy the ride as TheSolid State Saints (aka DJ Rain and Jerry Andrews) enhance your journey. Symphonic style synthesizers with swirling solo keyboard variations cover the listener like an outfit that is perfectly sized. Enhanced by the sultry saxophone and diverse, innovative percussion, “What’s Inside” will quench your thirst and fulfill your listening cravings.

 B2: Broken Jazz : Crossing the boundaries between jazz and electronica, Black Liquid enhances our listening experience with Broken Jazz. This track is filled with flavorful congas, an Asian undertone, horns, lush strings and light keys. Black Liquid shows us that you don’t have to be high-brow to enjoy jazz—just a music lover who appreciates classic sounds with a new groove.

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Distributed worldwide through Groove Distribution, KSD Music, Syntax Distribution, Downtown 161