DJ Black Liquid Bio

A transplant from the streets of London just fourf years ago, Composer/Producer/DJ, Blackliquid burst onto the Los Angeles house Scene. His wild, entrancing, soulful blends of slamming, uplifting, spiritual "sunshine" house have awoken LA's house community once again, to their love of dance. Blackliquid has captured unbelievable loyalty and appreciation in the LA music and dance scene.

Blackliquid, better known as Ike Ngwaba, began his journey 22 years ago as a drummer in a rhythm & blues band "Riff and the 4 Four". 20 years ago he took to the "wheels of steel".

Ten years ago, Blackliquid the conceptual electronic band (ike) was born. With Blackliquid's eclectic instrumentation he became host to various musicians to showcase their talent. Ranging from the electric violin ( to the harmonica, from Jungle MC's to female vocalists, they set out to stimulate the minds of listeners and illicit contemplative thought. Their integrated musical genres ranging from D&B to Jazz, Funk to Reggae, and House to Trip-Hop, took listeners on a free spirit/self-expression ride through modern dance. The result of all these fine elements coming together is an album written and produced by Ike (Blackliquid) Ngwaba entitled `Acknowledged Spirit' a true testimony to the spirit of visual and audible emotion.